Access to Space | Queensland Theatre

Queensland Theatre provides free use of our rehearsal and meeting rooms, for independent theatre artists, when these spaces are not being used for Company core business. 

To request access to space please complete the online form below. Confirmation of the booking will be provided no more than four weeks in advance of the requested time.

Use of space, under this arrangement, is only available Monday to Friday during office hours: 10am – 5.00pm. In the event that Queensland Theatre has urgent need for the space, cancellation of your booking may occur, but we will endeavor to work with you to offer an alternative space or time where possible.

Conditions of Use:

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

If you are new to the building, or have participants who are unfamiliar with the venue, you will be given a brief induction including evacuation procedures and access information.

Drug, Alcohol and Smoking Policy

Queensland Theatre does not permit illicit drugs or alcohol on the premises. Queensland Theatre reserves the right to notify the police of any illegal use of drugs or alcohol. Queensland Theatre a smoke-free building.

Use of Electrical Equipment/Smoke Effects

All electrical equipment (including computers/laptops, keyboards and LX/AV equipment) brought on the premises by the hirer must comply with the relevant Australian Standards and be tested and tagged. Such equipment can only be used with prior agreement from Queensland Theatre.

Any use of smoke machines/stage cigarettes as part of your rehearsals/use of space must be reported to Queensland Theatre staff, and permission agreed to. Unapproved use, resulting in fire services being called out, will result in charges being passed on to the visiting company.

Cleaning Space after use

Please ensure that at the end of the session/days use, you remove all refuse and place all dishes in the dishwashers provided in the kitchens on Ground Floor or Level 2. A cleaning fee will be charged if the room is not returned to its original state.