Twelfth Night | Queensland Theatre
28 April - 19 May [Past Event] Playhouse, QPACBuy tickets Season tickets

In a nutshell

Tim Finn writes new songs for Shakespeare’s best comedy

A shipwreck sets in motion a wild and whimsical tale of mistaken identities, separated twins, rebellious servants, unrequited love and a pair of ridiculous yellow stockings. After the twelfth night, the land of Illyria will never be the same. 
Washed ashore and separated from her twin brother, the plucky Viola must learn to survive alone in an exotic foreign country. Disguising herself as a man, she quickly becomes entangled in a web of amorous pursuits gone awry. As Cupid’s arrows send dukes and countesses running in disastrous directions, a wacky entourage of servants and drunken freeloaders watch on in amusement. All the while, Viola must fight to ensure nothing blows her cover.  

Shakespeare’s hilarious and lovable characters are brought to life through all new songs by legendary composer Tim Finn (Ladies in Black, Split Enz, Crowded House) and a cast of comedic greats including Jason Klarwein, Christen O’Leary and Jessica Tovey. 

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Cast Includes Liz Buchanan, Sandro Colarelli, Jason Klarwein, Kathryn McIntyre, Christen O’Leary, Kurt Phelan, Bryan Probets, Colin Smith, Kevin Spink, Jessica Tovey

Composer Tim Finn

Music Supervision/ Orchestration and Arrangements James Dobinson

Designer Tracy Grant Lord 

Lighting Designer Ben Hughes

Sound Designer Michael Waters

Assistant Director Travis Dowling

Assistant Designer Vilma Mattila

Musicians Include James Dobinson, Alanna Ritchie, Arun Roberts, Dominic Woodhead



Play Briefing
Monday 23 April, 6pm - 7pm 
Playhouse, QPAC

This production contains haze, use of replica guns and electronic cigarettes.

Running Time
Approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes, including a 20 minute interval.

Information for Schools

  • QPAC
  • Griffith University


…a 400-plus year-old comedy (that) can still deliver the LOLsTime Out London