Prima Facie | Queensland Theatre
08 October - 31 OctoberBille Brown Theatre, Queensland TheatreBuy tickets Season tickets

In a nutshell

A tour de force indictment of the legal system

For criminal lawyer Tessa, the law is a thrilling game that she loves to win, taking no prisoners. She has fought every step of the way for her position, and she’s the best there is. Her feelings have no place in her work - just the rules. That’s why, even when she’s called upon to defend men accused of sexually assaulting women, she detaches her feminism and her compassion in the cut and thrust of the courtroom.

But when Tessa finds herself on the other side of the bar - as a victim - the system she thought she had mastered starts working against her.

Suzie Miller’s urgent, gripping one-woman show combines wry humour, raw emotion and an unforgettable character. In a post-#MeToo world, it’s a stinging rebuke to a flawed legal system, and a clarion call to change the rules.

A Griffin Theatre Company production


    Designer Renée Mulder

    Lighting Designer Trent Suidgeest

    Composer/Sound Designer Paul Charlier

    Cast Sheridan Harbridge

    Auslan Interpreted Monday 19 Oct, 6:30pm
    Audio Described Saturday 31 Oct, 2pm

    Play Briefing
    There will be no Play Briefing

    Night With The Artists
    Mon 19 Oct, 6:30pm

    This production contains adult themes and descriptions of sexual violence.

    Sexual Assault Counselling Australia 1800 211 028
    (8am – 11pm, Mon – Fri)