The Rain Project | Queensland Theatre
31 August - 02 September [Past Event] Diane Cilento Studio$28Buy tickets Season tickets

In a nutshell

The magic of collaboration, and discovering an idea by sharing and creating it together, using interdisciplinary performances

Words by Niz Jabour

The LOW CLOUDS performance is the magic of collaboration, and discovering an idea by sharing and creating it together, using interdisciplinary performances.

A performance about what can happen under the low clouds of everyday life. A collage of gathered thoughts reflecting on memories of rain, war, love and loss - interweaved with poetry, storytelling, songs and mime.

“In every drop of rain, A red or yellow colour buds from the seeds of flowers. Every tear wept by the hungry and naked people, And every spilt drop of slaves' blood Is a smile aimed at a new dawn, A nipple turning rosy in an infant's lips In the young world of tomorrow, bringer of life. And still the rain pours down.

Rain Song” by Iraqi poet Badr Shakir al-Sayyab

The stories transmitted by LOW CLOUDS do not have a concern with the real world or to produce real behaviours. It is a performance crafted from human behaviours, like how a drop of rain can affect and influence our personal story or circumstances.

This work will be made using three methods of collaboration, depending on the skill-set and experience of the participants; co-researchers, professional practitioners and community collaboration.

The work in LOW CLOUDS, will be developed from a grass-roots level - a community collaboration between artists from diverse identities, and different cultural and creative backgrounds. This broad mix of people, talent and culture is the key to cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Interwoven from the beginning to the end, will be stories collected and developed from previous presentations of THE RAIN PROJECT, in Iraq and in Australia. These will help evolve new stories for this season at Queensland Theatre.

The outcomes of our collaboration is not the performances, but establishing a network that we will engage with participants for the prosperous future of artists from diverse cultures. This is a catalyst for the goal set by the Australia Council’s Theatre Diversity Associate’s work to champion diverse artists in Australia, and to find their spotlight on the Australian stage.

Behind a tree or a shadow, LOW CLOUDS is a creative and artistic response to the rain in human life, history and memory.

Featuring:  Rhyia Cherry,  Peter Irankunda, Jessie Men,  Nour Mowaswas, Kansun Ranatunga, Jeanda St James, Philip Lawrence, Nasim Takaver, Vittorio Yun and Niz Jabour

Approximate Duration: 60 minutes with no interval

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