The Longest Minute | Queensland Theatre
26 May - 23 June [Past Event] Cremorne Theatre, QPACBuy tickets Season tickets

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Regional Queensland

Where were you the night of the 2015 NRL Grand Final? The night when long-time underdogs the North Queensland Cowboys won in an all-QLD nail-biter that changed the game, and the state, forever. For one family of Cowboys diehards, their whole lives have led up to this moment.

Jess was born on the night of the North Queensland Cowboys’ first game in Townsville. Daughter of Foley Shield legend Frank ‘Black Flash’ Wright, she grew up as a footy fanatic with big dreams, silky skills and boundless ambition to play. But as a girl in a male-dominated sport, she faces more than her fair share of knockbacks, just like the luckless Cowboys. Despite their relentless string of losses, Jess still dares to believe in her team, and herself.

Queensland Theatre joins forces with debase productions and JUTE Theatre Company in Cairns to bring this iconically Queensland story to audiences across the state.


2 - 12 May | Cairns: Centre of Contemporary Arts

7 - 19 May | Townsville: Dancenorth

28 June | Rockhampton

Cast Includes Jeremy Ambrum, Louise Brehmer, Lafe Charlton, Chenoa Deemal, Mark Sheppard, David Terry

Designers Simona Cosentini, Simone Tesorieri

LX Designer Jason Glenwright

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  • Energex
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  • Jute


Sport and theatre have so much in common and I love them both: their sense of drama and spectacle, of heroes and villains, and triumphs against the odds. The last few minutes of the 2015 NRL Grand Final is almost the perfect piece of storytelling’Sam Strong