Your Say | Queensland Theatre

When did you first become a Season Ticket Holder?     

1981, next year will be my 39th Season.

Have you always been interested in the performing arts?  

Since I went to the musical, Merry Widow, when I was 15 years old. 

Tell us about your involvement with QT? 

I am the liaison between Queensland Theatre, the Hinter Bus company and the Sunshine Coast subscribers. I try to make certain everyone is accounted for on our trips to Brisbane so we don’t leave anyone behind! Also help with any exchange of tickets that are needed.  

What have been your favourite experience/s with QT? 

I used to enjoy when QT would come to the Sunshine Coast and give the subscribers their own launch and also give us play readings. I mostly enjoy all productions as there is always something outstanding, either set design, lighting or just the performance alone. There have been very few plays that I have not enjoyed over the almost 40 years I have subscribed. Also enjoy backstage tours but it has been many years since QT have offered this.

What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?  

In my personal life, my family. In my QT life, my subscription to QT and the wonderful bus company we are currently using, especially our great driver John.  I know you said one thing, but I couldn’t choose.

Which play are you most looking forward to in 2019?  

Storm Boy, really enjoyed The Wider Earth and am interested to see how the pelican, Mr Percival will be brought to life.

*The Dead Puppet Society is a production house and design company creating puppet-based, visual theatre in Australia and the United States. Queensland Theatre is presenting Storm Boy in 2019 in association with DPS. In 2015 DPS collaborated with Queensland Theatre on The Wider Earth, now touring 2 October - 30 December | Natural History Museum, London (with Trish Wadley Productions and Glass Half Full Productions). 

Pauline Bound
Season Ticket Holder and Sunshine Coast Bus Coordinator
Queensland Theatre