Disgraced | Queensland Theatre
14 October - 06 November [Past Event] Playhouse, QPAC$60 - $82*Buy tickets Season tickets

In a nutshell

Pulitzer Prize-winning drama

Theatre so powerful it leaves marks on the brain
★★★★★ | Time Out Melbourne

Ayad Akhtar’s Pulitzer Prize-winning drama fearlessly puts contemporary attitudes towards politics, race and religion under the microscope. Exploring freedom of speech, political correctness and the prejudices towards Islam that still persist even in the most progressive cultural circles.

Amir is on track to make partner in his law firm, he lives with his artist wife Emily in their spacious Upper East Side apartment, where occasionally they’ll throw a dinner party. Tonight’s guests are Jory, a work colleague, and her husband, Isaac, an art dealer, and, with so much in common, the conversation flows easily. Then, as it inevitably does in today’s conflicted America, the topic turns to race, religion and identity. How quickly things fall apart.

Intense and absorbing, Akhtar’s gripping modern drama sees the veneer of social nicety stripped away to reveal that little has changed and questions whether we can ever escape our roots.

Featuring MTC’s stellar cast including Mitchell Butel, Kane Felsinger, Zindzi Okenyo and Hazem Shammas, the Queensland Theatre season also includes Libby Munro, known to Brisbane audiences for her Matilda Award-winning performances in Venus in Fur and Grounded.


Street Car Named Desire

Queensland Theatre and La Boite Theatre Company are offering you a limited opportunity to see both Ayad Akhtar’s drama Disgraced, together with Tennessee William’s masterpiece, A Streetcar Named Desire for the combined price of $90 for Adults and $52 for 30 & Under (Youth).  Offer expires midnight 4 November and conditions apply.

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    Special Dates

    Play Briefing
    Tuesday 11 October

    Night with the Artists
    Thursday 3 November

    Audio Described performances
    Saturday 29 October and Thursday 3 November

    Cast and Crew

    Nadia Tass

    Set Designer
    Shaun Gurton

    Lighting Designer
    Nigel Levings

    Composer and Sound Designer
    Russell Goldsmith and Daniel Nixon

    Costume Designer
    Jill Johanson

    Voice and Dialogue Coach
    Suzanne Heywood

    Assistant Director
    Benjamin Schostakowski

    Cast Includes
    Mitchell Butel, Kane Felsinger, Libby Munro, Zindzi Okenyo and Hazem Shammas

    • Melbourne Theatre Company


    Nadia Tass' production is convincing and sharply paced and the cast keeps the energy up throughout, attentively following the script's declension from good will and high hopes to bitterness and rage★★★★★ | The Age
    This is theatre that demands you to ask questions and will stay with you long after the lights go down★★★★½ | Arts Hub
    Disgraced is a challenging and confrontational play that will leave you with plenty to debate in the car on the way home.★★★★ | Herald Sun
    Disgraced is just what a serious theatergoer craves these days: a tough-minded inquiry that finds urgent dramatic connections in things that divide us.The Washington Post