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2022 Flood Appeal

Remarkable recovery efforts saved our precious portrait of Bille Brown from the recent floods, but we need you to help us save the Bille Brown Theatre.

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Open hearts opens doors

None of us will forget the devastating sight of our beloved Bille Brown Theatre and foyer inundated with muddy flood waters. The damage caused and the disruption to our year has been a blow, but with your support we know we can open our doors again and come back stronger than ever.

If there is something the Covid years have taught us, it is how to respond quickly to the unexpected – an important lesson when it came to the recent weather event. All weekend prior to the flood, our dedicated Production and Operations teams were on the ground relocating valuable lighting and sound equipment, removing the front row of seats in the Bille Brown Theatre and saving the precious portrait of Bille Brown. Thanks to this quick-thinking, our losses have been greatly reduced.

As soon as the waters receded our landlord was on-site, working tirelessly to restore electricity and carry out extensive repairs to the base infrastructure. This work has been completed and now it’s up to us to undertake the fit-out of the Bille Brown Theatre and foyer. We need to replace walls in the theatre, foyer and dressing rooms, install specialised theatrical wiring and refit joinery in the dressing rooms, box office and bar. In all of this work we’re making every improvement we can to mitigate against possible future damage.

The cost of this work is over $520,000. The maximum that we will be able to claim from insurance is $230,000, leaving a shortfall of $290,000. We are now reaching out to our closest supporters to help us.

Please consider supporting our 2022 Flood Appeal. All gifts, big and small, will help us to restore the Bille Brown Theatre to its pre-flood glory (or even better) and bring theatre to our loyal community once again.

Thank you for your support. Your open heart will open our doors.

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