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2019: A Season of Dreamers

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  5 Plays 3 Plays

Have a passion for live theatre and want to attend with like-minded people? QT Club meets pre-show at the first Saturday matinee performance of each production for discussion over a drink and cake, a tour of the set and on occasion, a post-show meeting with the cast.

QT Club

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A defining feature of a theatre season — and especially a Queensland Theatre season — is variety. No other medium can treat its audience to such a range of experiences across 12 months.

2019 at Queensland Theatre is a case in point. Between the book-ends of two of the greatest plays ever written, we have an exquisitely observed relationship portrait, a rock and roll road trip, an incendiary political battle cry, a heart-warming family classic, a wicked social comedy, and even a joyous new musical.

Welcome to the 2019 Season: A Season of Dreamers.

Artistic Director