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Wisdom Education Resource

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Wisdom by David Burton

A politically-charged dark comedy about eternal youth and revolution.

It’s the near future, and we’ve cracked staying youthful. Thanks to a series of hormone injections, no one physically ages past their teenage years. The mind and soul keep going, but our bodies are in stasis. Aging is ugly. Death is culturally shunned. We don’t like to examine our own frailty.

Who has the right to a political voice? What happens when age no longer automatically equals authority? Can teenagers really make a difference when the world is set against them?

A new, contemporary resource for the classroom.

Available on USB, the live recording is supported by a comprehensive set of downloadable resources including video workshops, learning activities and suggested assessment tasks.

The resources

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“The show exploited the power of storytelling across generations, to shine a light on the isolating yet somewhat familiar themes of life today. The ensemble of actors brought the feeling of isolation and fear to life within the world of the play, taking on many roles to tell this story authentically and as truthfully possible.”
— Sam Neil, Balmoral State High School

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