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Letter from Lee

A fortnightly letter with love from our Artistic Director.

Lee Lewis BBT Theatre 2020 Stephen Henry 2

Thursday 16 December 2021

As the country slowly opens up again it is wonderful to hear stories of families reuniting and all the Christmas plans. Greetings from Melbourne! I have ducked down south to see some plays as this city’s artistic life comes back into existence. Last night I sat in the new outdoor theatre at Malthouse watching a silly/sad cabaret about a ship - the S.S. Metaphor - sailing towards the Pacific Trash Vortex (which is now the size of Queensland!!!). This afternoon I’m seeing Simon Phillips’ As You Like It at MTC. I’m doing this in three layers plus a jacket and scarf because it is still quite cold and grey…. big love to you all up there hanging by the pool. I am missing the sunshine!

Everywhere I look I am reminded of how lucky we have been this year at Queensland Theatre to have enjoyed a year full of plays while other parts of the country have been hunkered down. I know there is a lot of trepidation about opening up and what it will mean to live with Covid in the foreseeable future. But that just makes me more thankful for the joys of this year.

Thank you to all the artists who made theatre with us this year - you have been such an important source of inspiration for us all. Thank you to all our audiences who braved the ups and (lock)downs, and ticket changes and QR codes and mask wearing and… well… everything. We do all this for you so thank you for loving theatre as much as we do and for bringing us back to life after last year. Thank you to all our young artists and school students who have been such a vital part of the Company this year - we know it has been a tough time to keep focused and learning but you have all been wonderful. Thank you to all the teachers - you are my personal heroes.

And speaking of personal, a huge thank you to the Queensland Theatre team. What a ride it has been this year. You have been champions. The late night/early morning/weekend brainstorms about how to solve the next mini-crisis have been made (I’m not going to say fun because that would be weird), more than bearable, because you are all such great people. I have the best job in the country because you are the best people to work with.

We are closing the office for a whole week between Christmas and New Year so everyone can have a proper rest and come back fresh in the New Year for the 2022 Season. Which is still a great gift as a Season Ticket to all sorts of people in your life…. Co-workers, friends, nieces, Uncle Bob… have a look at the plays because single tickets are now available for the first four plays and you won’t have any shipping problems!

Thank you for all the conversations in 2021. When I think back to this time last year we had no idea if any of the season would happen. I am looking forward to next year with much more hope, a pocketful of excitement, and a bucket of readiness to face all the challenges because of what we have managed to achieve this year. Thank you.

Love, Lee