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Frequently Asked Questions

Queensland Premier’s Drama Award

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Q) I don’t live in Queensland, can I still enter?

A) Yes. Furthermore, artists who progress to the finalist stage, whose usual place of residence is further than 100km from Brisbane, will have their domestic travel and accommodation expenses covered by Queensland Theatre. No international travel will be provided. It is expected that finalists will be present in Brisbane for the creative development phases.

Q) The play I wish to enter has been, or is currently, part of a grant application for development – can I still enter the award?

A) Yes, so long as no other theatre company or organisation has claim over the first production.

Q) Does the play have to be set in Queensland, or have characters who are Queenslanders?

A) No. The play should, however, be of interest — and have relevance — to audiences in Queensland.

Q) I have co-written a play, can I enter it into the award?

A) Yes, but only if the play is co-written with one other person. You must have the permission of your co-writer, and agree to take a 50% share of any commission fees/prize money owing to you from Queensland Theatre. Plays co-written by three or more people are ineligible for the award.

Q) My play has First Nations themes, characters and content but I am not of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, can I enter the award with this play?

A) Yes, if you are confident and can demonstrate that your play adheres to the protocols regarding Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP)*, including but not limited to the following:

Indigenous peoples have the right to:

  1. own and control ICIP
  2. ensure that any means of protecting ICIP is based on the principle of self-determination
  3. be recognised as the primary guardians and interpreters of their cultures
  4. authorise or refuse to authorise the commercial use of ICIP, according to Indigenous customary law
  5. maintain the secrecy of Indigenous knowledge and other cultural practices
  6. full and proper attribution
  7. control the recording of cultural customs and expressions, the particular language which may be intrinsic to cultural identity, knowledge, skill and teaching of culture.

*source: Australia Council for the Arts

Q) My play is a musical/play with music, is it eligible for this award?

A) Yes. But only the libretto will be assessed. Do not supply music or song samples.

Q) My play has had a professional public reading, but not a complete professional production, is it still eligible for this award?

A) Yes, as long as the play is unencumbered (has no contractual obligation to any other party).

Q) What happens after I submit my entry?

A) The process can be summarised into seven stages:

PART 1: Entry assessment. A team of theatre professionals will assess the entries. Entries are anonymously read (meaning the assessors do not know who authored each play) and each entry is read by at least two different assessors. The assessment team will convene to determine a shortlist of no more than 12 plays.

PART 2: Shortlist. The shortlisted plays are sent to the judges to read. The shortlisted playwrights are briefed on how to prepare for a conversation with the judges about their play. If you haven’t been selected for the shortlist, you will be notified by email.

PART 3: Meeting the judges. Shortlisted playwrights will meet the judges (in person or online) to have a conversation about their play. The judges will have questions for the playwrights such as: ‘Why is Queensland Theatre the best place for your play’s premiere?’, ‘Why do Queenslanders need to see this play?’ or ‘What specific development assistance does the play require?’.

PART 4: Finalists announced. Having read the shortlisted plays and spoken with those playwrights, the judges select three finalists. These artists and their plays will be celebrated with a public announcement. All three finalists then commence dramaturgical development of their play with Queensland Theatre. The playwrights receive a commissioning fee for this work.

PART 5: Finalist play readings. After dramaturgical development, the finalist plays are read live by a cast of professional actors for the judges to hear and assess. This play reading is often an event open to the public, so the finalists’ friends, family and professional networks can appreciate their work.

PART 6: Winner announced. After the judges have listened to all three finalist plays, they deliberate and make their recommendation to the Premier of Queensland regarding which play should win the award. A public announcement of the winner will be made by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet with Queensland Theatre.

PART 7: The show goes on! The winner receives their prize money and balance of commission fees to continue the development of their play, until it is ready for the rehearsal room. The winner licenses the world premiere production of their play to Queensland Theatre, then waits to enjoy their opening night.

Please review the Conditions of Entry before you submit your script.

More information

Please contact Jane Youngs, Artistic Administrator via email or phone 07 3010 7672 if you need any further information to support your entry.

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