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Working With Children Policy

Queensland Theatre (QT) is committed to providing a safe and respectful environment free of discrimination, bullying and harassment.

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This commitment is articulated in QT’s ‘Respectful Workplace Policy’ applies to everyone in the workplace, which includes, but is

not limited to:-

• Board members;

• leadership and management personnel (e.g. artistic directors, executive directors, general managers, company managers, heads of department, human resources managers, managers, supervisors, producers, and promoters);

• show personnel (e.g. actors, dancers, directors, choreographers, writers, stage management, chaperones, technical crew, front of house);

• production and administrative staff;

• full-time, part-time, seasonal and casual employees;

• job candidates, including people auditioning for roles;

• student placements, apprentices, work experience students/interns;

• contractors, sub-contractors and secondees (e.g. casting, Teaching Artists, talent and freelance agents who have been contracted or sub-contracted for a specific purpose);

• volunteers and anyone working in an unpaid capacity

In addition, QT exercises a high degree of care, supervision and authority over children (ie persons under the age of 18 years) who participate in QT’s education and youth arts programs, and mainstage productions, and is committed to creating and maintaining a child-safe environment/workplace with a zero tolerance approach towards any form of child abuse, harassment or unfavourable treatment. This is achieved through adherence to ethical work practices and compliance with QT’s Code of Conduct, Respectful Workplace Policy, Unacceptable Behaviour Policy and legal obligations.

Read the full policy here

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