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Queensland Premier’s Drama Award

Celebrating 20 years of new Australian playwriting

01 1224

Queensland Premier's Drama Award 2022–23

We are thrilled to share that the three finalists for the Queensland Premier's Drama Award 2022–23 have been announced.

Read the Finalists Media Release

The 2022–23 Finalists

The 2022—23 Judges

More about the Award

Since 2002, Queensland Theatre, in partnership with the Queensland Government, has been inviting playwrights to put a new Australian work on our stage through this unique competition which culminates in a world premiere season of the winning entry.

Every two years the Queensland Premier’s Drama Award discovers, develops and produces outstanding Australian plays. The award recognises excellence in playwriting and is open to writers across Australia with stories that will connect with Queensland audiences today.

Thanks to new sponsor Griffith University, the Queensland Premier’s Drama Award 2022–23 is now the richest playwriting prize in the country.

The winner of the 2022–23 Award will receive:

  • $30,000 cash prize from Prize Sponsor Griffith University
  • $16,000 commission fee to develop their play throughout 2022–23
  • A world premiere production of their play as part of Queensland Theatre’s 2023 Season.

About the Queensland Premier’s Drama Award

Past rounds

Steve Pirie, Return to the Dirt
Anna Loren, Comfort
Maddie Nixon, Binnavale

David Megarrity, The Holidays (winner)
Hannah Belanszky, don’t ask what the bird look like
Anna Yen, Slow Boat

Michele Lee, Rice (winner)
Kathryn Marquet, Furious Creatures
Suzie Miller, I Looked Up and There You Were

Daniel Evans, Oedipus Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (winner)
Tim Benzie, The Overflow
Megan Shorey, One in Seven

Maxine Mellor, Trollop (winner)
Stephen Carleton, Bastard Territory
David Megarrity (for The Human Company), The Empty City

Marcel Dorney, Fractions (winner)
Rebecca Clarke, Belongings
Philip Dean, Unreliable Bodies

Richard Jordan, 25 Down (winner)
Katherine Lyall-Watson, Tinder
Sven Swenson, Dangerfield Park

David Brown, The Estimator (winner)
Anthony Funnell, The Tram
Michael Riordan, String

Adam Grossetti, Mano Nera (winner)
Stephen Carleton, Constance Drinkwater and the Last Days of Somerset
Philip Chappell, Welcome to Dreamland

Sven Swenson, Road to the She-Devil’s Salon (winner)
Kathryn Ash, Flutter
Bruce Clark, The Kaufman Letter
Simon Ratcliffe, Conurb
Hugh Watson, The Valley
Gayle Wilkinson, Goat Head Burs

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